I’m looking forward to creating blogs on a variety of topics that are dear to me and hopefully you will find in some way, useful to you.  I’m passionate about writing and I feel that being able to have an outlet to share my thoughts and ideas will be very rewarding.  Topics discussed will have a main focus on you (surprise!), which we tend to neglect.

My hope is for SayHelloToYou to provide you with tips, tricks and ideas on topics such as how to fall in love with ourselves, how to overcome the lack of time in this fast-paced world to do the things we enjoy and how to confidently make decisions that make us happy (regardless of societal or family pressures).  I hope by me offering up these topics of discussion, we can have a friendly, open dialogue on how to improve our own lives, and not just the ones around us.  Besides, we have only one life to live and we should go confidently in the direction we want to go in.

Thank you for visiting and supporting my blog.




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