Meet The Author

I’ve always had a creative mind since I was little.  Whether I was coloring, painting or playing outside, I enjoyed the creative process and the imagination-filled world I was in.  As I grew up, I put my creative processes to the side and decided to pursue a public relations education.  When looking for a career in PR came up empty handed,  I began to look at other roles, such as advertising and marketing, where I could still tap into my creative side.

After spending a handful of years among marketing professionals in the corporate sector I am now among scientists where I am in a supportive role.  Additionally, I’ve recently had the opportunity to harness my creativeness with writing, something I’ve fallen in love with over the recent years.  I’ve embraced variety and learning new things and am now enjoying the opportunity to write stories at work as time allots.  I think it keeps me well rounded with new skills and it gives me the opportunity to make life long connections.

But lately I’ve directed more of my time and effort to hobbies, ones that once were and also new ones and figuring out all the other things that make me happy, such as writing my first manuscript, massage therapy school, starting my pottery business, etc.  It’s been a challenge, but in the end, my life will be more rewarding with less time being spent wondering but rather doing.  I’ve kept several want-to-do’s dormant for so long, that I felt that I lost a part of me.  Well, no more.  I’m making a conscious effort to finally make these things a priority in my life and inevitably, make me a priority, go figure!