A New Year, A New You

The new year always seems to be sprinkled with new year resolutions, big ideas for change and new energy.  While some of this is true and inspiring, the issue with a lot of these ideas is that they are very ambitious, maybe too much for us to grasp all at once.  I’ve been a victim of this trap myself and know first hand about putting a lot of pressure on ourselves.  And we know too, that change is hard to do.  How do we change and make it last?

Implementing change can first start with a thought, an idea or from watching those around us.  We sometimes are easily influenced by others, whether our friends, family or what we see on television and in magazines that we can easily make the wrong assumptions about ourselves.  If we focus on ourselves first, we can better understand our own needs and wants and be able to make lasting changes in our lives.  And after a self-evaluation, we can then make a list of what areas we would like to see improvement or change.

We can learn to start the year off on the right foot if we first look in the mirror and know who we are.  In this busy life, we tend to put our own needs on the back burner and focus on family, our career, and other things.  This puts our lives out of balance and it’s soon thereafter that we find ourselves overly stressed, over-worked and may have lost a special part of us that makes us unique.

Whatever your goal may be this year and beyond, be flexible and give yourself realistic goals.  This will reduce stress, anxiety and the ability to achieve and be successful.  Also too, realize there are tools at your fingertips to help you succeed in today’s world.  Whether it be an appointment calendar, fitness apps, making lists or deadlines, teaming up with a partner, these aids will keep our minds engaged, and that is key for long term success.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of making lists.  It keeps me organized, focused and on track.  If this works for you, use it!  It’s a great tool, whether on a sheet of paper, on your phone or tablet, or even a journal.  Whatever works for you right down your goals.  There is something to be said when you can see your goals written down.  It gives you confirmation, motivation to keep going and it keeps you accountable.

At the end of the day, you know yourself better than anybody and it’s important to listen to ourselves and what we think we can accomplish.  There is nothing wrong with receiving expert advice from others, but be true yourself and you will succeed.  Know your expectations, your limits, strengths and weaknesses.  They all go hand in hand and once you become an expert in knowing who you are,  you will be able to incorporate small, little changes, one minute at a time.

Quote for the day:

From a small seed a mighty trunk may grow. – Aeschylus